Welcome to HolotropicUK

In Holotropic Breathwork, Stan and Christina Grof have blended scientific and intellectual understanding, masculine and feminine, ancient and post modern wisdom, and made their work and training available on every continent.

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Holly and Deb offer a variety of Holotropic Breathwork Workshops including residential workshops and retreats, one day workshops and individual sessions - full details of our various workshops are available on our 'Workshops' page.

We are also open to exploring options for bespoke packages for groups or individuals.

In addition to Holotropic Breathwork we offer:

  • Integration support sessions by Skype or phone
  • Consultations for those following the Grof Transpersonal Training programme (including music consultations) 

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

Holotropic Breathwork is a simple method  supporting natural healing and growth through the experience of expanded states of consciousness.

This is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing using the breath, along with evocative music, in a safe and loving set and setting.

Most of our larger workshops are offered at Felden Lodge in Hemel Hempstead. Smaller workshops are held in Chesham, Bucks.  If you would like to arrange an event in your area we are very happy to travel.