Tim Read

image012Tim Read is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, and consultant psychiatrist in independent practice in London. He led the Crisis Intervention Service and the Psychiatric Liaison service for twenty years at the Royal London Hospital, UK. He has held administrative posts such as Clinical Director and College Tutor; he is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and member of the Psychiatry and Spirituality group. Tim holds degrees in neuroscience and in medicine, has completed trainings in psychoanalytical with  Institute of Group Analysis and transpersonal psychotherapy with Grof Transpersonal Training. He is a qualified holotropic breathwork facilitator.

Tim’s main interest is the interface between psychiatry and transpersonal psychology; he is a founding director of Muswell Hill Press publishing a range of books in transpersonal psychology and is the author of Walking Shadows: Archetype and Psyche in Crisis and Growth published in 2014.