GTT training in India

In April 2013 Marianne and Holly led the first Grof Transpersonal Training module at the Don Bosco Centre for Psychology and Spirituality in Kerala, Southern India. 

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It had taken more than a year of planning and discussion with Don Bosco priest Father KC Thomas  to change thoughts about the training into a reality. Since then we have been back four more times, each time leading two modules with a core group of Nuns and Priests keen to complete their training, along with others interested in experiencing Holotropic Breathwork for their own personal growth.

In December 2014 Deb also came with us for the training - facilitating for the first week and joining the grouping as a breather for the second. So far it has been an incredibly rich experience for everyone involved.

This year we will be back in Kerala April for two more modules and again in December for first certification intensive in India. After that, who knows, maybe we will start a whole new round of training!

The training programme is offered pro bono by GTT.  Despite this, the cost of a module (around £90 including room and board) is prohibitive for many Nuns and Priests since they do not have incomes. 

If you are interested in sponsoring anyone to complete the training, or making HB accessible to Nuns and Priests who otherwise may not be able to access it (yet!), please contact Holly, Marianne or Deb…